About Us.

AAVAA believes that you should be in control of your audio world. We let you control your listening device hands free.

We are building a listening device that selectively hears what you desire to hear without any cumbersome assumptions.

Want to amplify a conversation? Want to turn up your niece’s whisper? Want to turn down the music?

No problem. AAVAA does this and so much more.

The World Without AAVAA

The world is becoming increasingly noisy. Extraneous noises are not only distracting, but with persistent exposure, are bad for your ears.


The AAVAA Ear automatically focuses on what sounds you are interested in, without relying on any manual input. You can now seamlessly choose what is being played in your audio device, no voice, turning, or tapping needed.

The AAVAA Solution

The AAVAA Solution is adaptable to almost every existing listening device. Contact us to learn how we can help your customers gain control of their listening.

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